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Hello !

I am an interaction and graphic designer from France. I mostly deal with projects involving digital devices and new technologies. I recently focused my work on the game design area as I see games as an efficient way to encourage users' curiosity and motivation whilst they are being entertained. I have a background in graphic design and am specialized in making user interfaces and user experiences for websites and mobile applications. I am also curious about developing stories and I am self-taught in drawing and music composition.

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Work experience


CEO & Brand designer for Sioou (2012-2015)
Creation of Sioou's visual identity, ephemeral jewelries (temporary tatoo) company. Oversaw the product management and designs from new artists.



One year internship in Orange Labs Products and Services, Grenoble, France (2013-2014)
Member of the company's research team formed by ergonomists, developers, project managers and marketing managers. Conception of a tablet application and design supervisor during the development of a web application.


Internship in Eclectic.coop, Ardèche, France (2014)
Web design for companies and private individuals. Creation of several websites, from wireframes to graphics mock-up with UX recommendations for developers.


One month internship in Aquitem, Bordeaux, France (2012)
Creation of logos and website templates for online shops.

Game jams


Nordic Game Jam, Copenhague, Denmark (2015)
Creation of an innovative game using the eye tracker Tobii. Worked with a team formed by game design professionals and hobbyists.



Global Game Jam, Malmö, Sweden (2015)
Creation of a puzzle game. First steps with Unity and C#.

linkPuzzle islands


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    Creating visual identities. Identifying what makes a brand or any projects unique and designing their personality trough all graphical materials for digital or printed supports (logos, apps, websites, books, flyers...).

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    Designing UX and UI for digital devices. Following a methodology analysing users behavior and needs, using personae, wireframings, testings and iterative process for developping efficient app architectures and interfaces.

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    Dealing with games and gamification. Identifying which game mechanics would be relevant for game products and designing the right experience through my UX/UI work.

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    Developping for Web (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Action Script 3). Creating websites and UX/UI prototypes from start and collaborating easily with developpers team.


Graphics and videos : Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect, Flash, InDesign.
Sound : Garage Band, FL Studio, Audacity.
Prototyping and games : Axure, Unity, Processing 2, Arduino.


Master 2 Interaction design
Malmö University, Sweden

Created Guess my face, a hybrid digital/physical smell memory game. Contribution of design knowledge with smell researchers based in Stockholm.

D.S.A.A. Design d'interaction
Villefontaine, France

Designed Éveil, an educational game for children with spoken langage disorders that teaches manual gestures for motivating children's speaking.

B.T.S. Com. visuelle,
Option multimédia
Villefontaine, France

Designed visual indentities, user interfaces and websites for several devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops).


Music and composition
Ski / Tennis

Let's keep in touch :)

E-mail: contact@maximebarnier.com

Phone: +33 6 79 63 00 37

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