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Terre de saveurs is a mobile application concept for presenting food culture from Ardèche, a French county. The application provides information about shops, markets, restaurants, events and recipes. The design process used for this project explores user experiences and user interfaces through several graphics and atmospheres. The final proposition focuses on labels in order to promote Ardèche's quality food. The user interface makes the users feel as if they are participating in the product quality judgment through tiny interactions such as stamping for agreeing. Users can also vote for their favorite recipe and rate the restaurants creating a community around Ardèche's food culture.

Skills involved : UI/UX design, graphic design.

Softwares used : Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash.

Duration : 1 month.

Year : 2012.


First, I analysed potential users for the apps and hightlighted what could be their needs and how would they use the mobile application.

As a second step I created the application architecture while thinking about what users need and how they could reach the app information diversity. I described step by step each screen's interaction and content.

Finally, I created several UX/UI from the app architecture in order to explore what makes the Ardèche's food unique.