close project

Using the sense of smell as a new interaction for games Guess my face explores a way of enhancing our sense of smell. The game is divided in two phases. During the first phasis, players have to memorize pictures of face parts (heads, eyes, mouths, chins) which have scents hidden in smell boxes. The pictures are revealed when the players put a box on a board connected to the laptop. The second phase entails finding the right smell boxes to compose randomized faces displayed on the computer screen. Without being able to check the pictures, players have to rely only on the smell boxes' scents. At the end, the players are ranked based on their ability to memorize smells.
The project was followed by a personal design based research approach and was fed by theoretical backgrounds and analysis from my Master's thesis : Smell, Memory and Games Exploring the potential of the sense of smell in memory games (supervised by Simon Niedenthal). The project was presented to the olfactory research team from Stockholm University and contributed to the reserach area.

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Skills involved : Design based research, game design, prototyping, illustration.

Softwares and Hardwares used : Arduino, Processing 2, Photoshop.

Duration : 3 months.

Year : 2015.