close project

The documentary Les petits pays is a gamified web application dealing with the daily life of four rural families from French countryside. The project's goal was to create an interactive documentary from the interviews made by a group of reporter The Whomps. I chose to make the users discover the families' lives through an immersive experience. Each family is divided in houses hidden in a landscape that users have to find and follow through different seasons. Starting as a drawing, the landscape changes into a picture each time users find interviews. The idea is to move users closer and closer to reality the more they learn about the French countryside. The project started by designing several concepts through storyboarding while developing graphical atmosphere for each concept. Then, I focused on one idea that I prototyped as a flash application.

linkTest the prototype

Skills involved : UX/UI Design, Graphic design, Illustration, Programming (AS3).

Softwares used : Photoshop, Flash.

Duration : 2 months.

Years : 2012.