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Sonogramme is a project designed for a specific kind of music learning. The kit helps children to compose, conduct and pass on musical performances. These performances involve a conductor using hand gestures for conducting the vocal sounds from a group of children. Sonogramme includes a magnetic board with magnetic wood pieces of each symbol (representing the hand gestures) and an application. The board and the pieces are used for independant learning: children can compose in groups their own score while developing their teamwork. Moreover, the application helps a group to write improvised gesture guidances from another group. The application is easy to use and enables children to do a transcription very fast.
The project was supervised with a specific design process involving the anthropological analysis of two school classes during their music course. This study highlighted the need to record the music performances, as well as the needs of teacher and pupils. The project evolved thanks to several iterations of prototyping and in-situ testings. Project made with Julie Fund, product designer.

Skills involved : Anthropological analysis, prototyping, product design, quality insurance.

Softwares used : Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash.

Duration : 3 months.

Year : 2012.


As a first step, we studied the context where children had their muscial course. We focused on details that could be imroved by design solutions. Moreover, we highlighted the needs from every users (teachers, the music teacher and pupils) and we identified the ones that were openend for innovative solutions.

From the previous study, we explored differents teaching ways for dealing with the needs highlighted and concluded on severals design solutions. We selected the one that we found the most relevant and prototyped it for tests. Then we followed an iterative process for fixing the problems found during the tests.